FlexiSPY Free Downloads for Android and iOS

Today, I will show you to get FlexiSPY free license. Before I started  I will tell you more about FlexiSPY free download and then I will also mention is there FlexiSPY free trails and FlexiSPY discounts.

The cell phone monitoring software market has always been a rapidly changing one, particularly recently. The various makers of these FlexiSPY products have been in stiff competition from the beginning, adding new features to stay abreast of the latest technology available. However, the market has been shaken up even more dramatically lately – mainly due to legal concerns about how these products are marketed and what features can be offered without running afoul of the law – especially for products like these that are made and sold in the U.S.

FlexiSpy, on the other hand, continues to operate as usual and as of now, they are offering features that no other monitoring software package does, mainly because these features have either been removed from the various other products or were not available in the first place. So how does FlexiSpy manage to keep offering these features? The answer is simple, the company is based outside of the U.S. and is not subject to the restrictive laws there regarding this type of technology.

WHAT IS flexiSpy Free

FlexiSpy is spy software that is installed on a Mobile Device which either Android or iOS.

FlexiSpy Monitoring app has many powerful features but you have to install it on the target device first. So, let us know what is the target device means. FlexiSPY sometimes provides the free license key to try the app. Also, they promote everyone that you can buy the app try it and refund the full amount if you are not satisfied. The refund period is 10 days so within that period you will be able to see if everything work as it should. That is the best way to try the app monitoring facilities. In just a few second you will learn how to download FlexiSPY free app.

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Installing FlexiSpy on to the target device means :

  • Making sure the target device is compatible with FlexiSpy.
  • Getting target device in your hand.
  • Having full access to the target device including any passcodes.
  • Rooting the target device first if an Android phone and you want all features.
  • Jailbreaking the target device first if you using an iPhone.

FlexiSPY. FlexiSPY is Todays Best Monitoring App in the market. It has two solutions:

  1. Premium
  2. Extreme

Premium solution has fewer features and it cost less. The other option is the extreme solution which is this day’s top advance monitoring app. The biggest advantages of this tracking spyware are:

  • Listen and Record Phone Calls
  • Control Microphone to listen and record surroundings
  • Secret Camera activation
  • Spoofing Tools

So if you want this tracking features I am sure that you will be interested in FlexiSPY free download of extreme version for Android and iPhone. This tracking app is legal, powerful and most used for professional monitoring.

How to Download and Install FlexiSpy free ?

Step 1: To install and activate FlexiSpy on a compatible device is the device must be  rooted first.

Step 2: Purchase a license of FlexiSPY Premium or Extreme from FlexiSPY’s website. or if your phone is not rooted then you have to download our mod FlexiSPY APK here below is the Download Button.




Step 3: Login to your FlexiSPY online account.



Step 4: From the list of devices make sure Android is selected.



Step 5: FlexiSPY works on both rooted and unrooted Android phones. Make sure you have rooted the device first if you want FlexiSPY’s advanced features and click Next to continue.



Step 6: On the Android phone, using the browser, go to http:mflx.biz

Note: The Download should start automatically otherwise tap Android to start



Step 7: Save the FlexiSPY installation APK file to the Android phone.



Step 8: Open the APK file to start installation and tap Next to proceed.



Step 9: Tap Open when FlexiSPY has been installed.

Note : IF you can only tap Done then use the phone dialer and dial *#900900900 to access FlexiSPY



Step 10: On rooted Android phone FlexiSPY will now try and get root access. Tap Next to start.

Note: This Step will not appear if you are not rooted the Android phone



Step 11: The SuperSU permission dialog box will appear. Tap Grant to proceed.

Note: This step will not appear if you have not rooted the Android phone



Step 12: Tap Yes to hide SuperSU when asked for complete stealth.

Note: This step will not appear if you have not rooted the Android phone



Step 13: FlexiSPY will now be running in root mode if you rooted their phone successfully and granted SuperSU permission.

Note: This step will not appear if you have not rooted the Android phone 



Step 14: Enter your activation code listed and tap Oto activate FlexiSPY.

Note: Please make sure the Android phone is connected to the internet using 3G, WiFi or GPRS



Step 15: Wait for FlexiSPY activation to complete. Once you see the ‘Nice, activation success’ message will appear FlexiSPY installation is complete.




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