Get Paid Apps Free On iOS Without Jailbreak

Today Hack-Guide will posted How to  Get Paid Apps Free On iOS Without Jailbreak the iOS device. Today will told you detail about What is Jailbreak. You can also get free apps without jailbreak by searching for the right deals, which offer paid apps for free, usually because of a limited time discount or similar promotion.

Get Paid Apps Free On iOS Without Jailbreak

Introduction To iOS Platform

iOS is the operating system that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. The operating system manages the device hardware and provides the technologies required to implement native apps. The operating system also ships with various system apps, such as Phone, Mail, and Safari, that provide standard system services to the user.

The iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the tools and interfaces needed to develop, install, run, and test native apps that appear on an iOS device’s Home screen. Native apps are built using the iOS system frameworks and Objective-C language and run directly on iOS. Unlike web apps, native apps are installed physically on a device and are therefore always available to the user, even when the device is in Airplane mode. They reside next to other system apps, and both the app and any user data is synced to the user’s computer through iTunes.

What is Jailbreak iOS

iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions imposed by iOS, Apple’s operating system, on devices running it through the use of software exploits; devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and the AppleTV 2 and 4. Jailbreaking permits root access to the iOS file system and manager, allowing the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.

iOS jailbreaking started as soon as the original iPhone became available in July 2007 and as of April 2016 has continued into the present day. Apple has responded with updates to iOS patching exploits and with new hardware. Jailbreaking communities have not been legally threatened. The legal status of jailbreaking is unclear in most countries; while many prohibit tampering with digital locks, they tolerate jailbreaks that do not infringe on copyrights. In 2010, 2012, and 2015, the U.S. Copyright Office approved exemptions allowing smartphone users to jailbreak their devices.

One of the reasons for jailbreaking is to expand the feature set limited by Apple and its App Store. Apple checks apps for compliance with its iOS Developer Program License Agreement before accepting them for distribution in the App Store. However, their reasons for banning apps are not limited to safety and security and may be regarded as arbitrary and capricious. In one case, Apple mistakenly banned an app by a Pulitzer-Winning cartoonist because it violated its developer license agreement, which specifically bans apps that “contain content that ridicules public figures.” To access banned apps, users rely on jailbreaking to circumvent Apple’s censorship of content and features. Jailbreaking permits the downloading of programs not approved by Apple, such as user interface customization, tweaks, and religious apps.


What Aur Tricks Do ?

  • Installed Paid applications absolutely free on your iPhone iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS version 8, 9,9.2.1, and 9.3.
  • No Jailbreak required to do this.


  • An iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  • Good Internet connectivity.
  • Also Aur support.

Complete Procedure to Get Paid Apps Free On iOS Without Jailbreak

  • Now the First Trick is to download paid apps free is from the HipStore, in which you can download the application directly from your default safari browser. Just search the HipStore from your Safari Browser once the page of HipStore opens, search for any app you like or browse the category choose any app you like you will get all the information of your selected app just like your Appstore hit to the download button and installed it.


get paid apps free

Now the application open its does not giving any security warning or any but in case of future it does not happens that why we are going into Settings– General (Scroll Down) hit on the Device Management now you will see the one of aur installed apps in Enterprise Applications bar hit on aur installed apps now select on Trust and you will done it here.

get paid apps free


get paid apps free


  • Now second one is AppCola once you download this app on its official site get install it. Now hit on installed app to launched it, now we seen the Untrusted Enterprise Devoloper  warning box.



get paid apps free

Now we do need to allow access to do this once we go into the Settings — General (Scroll Down) hit on the Device Management you will see the the Enterprise Applications bar in which find aur app profile and hit on the trusted and will done it here.

  • Now some times the application you downloaded from Appcola or will crashing after the launching it. Here is the solution for these you just need to do is go on to Appcola official site directly download the appcola software for your windows or mac pc install this software after that connect your iOS device to your PC and then run Appcola application on your pc. Now you see the Fix/Authorize  click to fix just click on it. Now you see the all your installed application and once that need to be fix. Now click on those apps and hit fix. Now you will all done here.


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