Hack Android Using AndroRat App Binder

Today Hack-Guide posted about “How To Hack Android Device Using AndroRat App Binder” its 100% working trick for all android phones. Most of people thinks that Hacking Android Phone is so big task or an impossible to do. But its not big deal to hack android phones. All are used Metasploit Meterpreter Attack. But this is not an user friendly app. You may be caught after using this app. So today we are working on new trick to hack android device using AndroRat (Android Remote Administration Tool) it is easy to do anyone to hack android device.

Read This Carefully : This tutorial is just for educational purposes I am not responsible for what you do with it .Using RAT without Victims permission is crime The things you can do with it. 
In this post,  will explore the functions of AndroRAT. We will analyze the security risks caused by AndroRAT Trojan, and create real life scenarios where AndroRAT can be used for attack or for good purposes.

Hack Android Using AndroRat App Binder

Features of AndroRat App Binder :

  • You can get easily call logs .
  • You can get easily contacts.
  • Open an URL in the default browser.
  • Watch and send messages.
  • See location by GPS/Network.
  • Monitor received messages in live.
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Monitor on call received, call sent, call missed.
  • Take a picture from camera.
  • Do vibrate the phone.


Download Requirements

DOWNLOAD – AndroRat (Free By Hack-Guide)

DOWNLOAD – Router Port Forwarder

– Router Port Forwarder (Only if you are using a WiFi router).

Also Requires : 

  • An Android device to test the deploy package.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Hack-Guide Support.


Stepwise Procedure For WiFi Router Users

Step 1 : Download and install the Router Port Forwarder Tool from above download links.

Step 2 : Open the Installed Software.

– The software automatically detects your router model number and display it. It works automatic.

hack android


– Now in the “Port Forwarding” tabclick Add“.


hack android


– In the next window enter the name of the port as you like, leave the protocol as tcp, enter the port you would like to open. (Ex. 8080, 4321, 8888…).

– Now the Internal IP.

– To know your internal IP address open Start – Run, and then type and enter ncpa.cpl, this will opens active network and click status and then click details.

– In the detail  windows check the IPV4 address, it should be something like 192.168.XX.XX.

hack android


– Note down the IP address for further steps. This is your Internal IP Address.

Note : You can check your Internal IP only when you are connect to internet.

Step 3 : Creating a Deploy Package :

– Extract the AndroRat zip file which will downloaded before. Using any of archiever software.

– Download any Android application like any game file or utility application which you wuld like to bind the hacking application.

– Open extracted folder and run the AndroRat Binder application.

– It look like the below screenshot.


hack android


– Now in the IP box enter your Internal IP Address which you have noted before in Step 2.

– In the next box enter the Port which you have opened in Forwarder tool.

Note : Only Wireless Router users, other users can enter the port whatever they like.

– In the next third box, browse and select the target application with which you like to bind the hacking application.

– Now tap on “GO” button and wait for AndroRat to build the deploy apk file

 – After the process completed you will find the result application in the same AndroRat Folder.

– Install this deploy applicatin which is found in same AndroRat folder. Open it.

Note : The device on which you install the deploy apk should have Active internet connection.


Step 4 : Control The Target Android Device.

– Once you have successfully install the deploy apk that was generated by AndroRat, you can control the victim’s Android device.

– In the AndroRat folder, again open the AndroRat folder.

– In which you will found a java application named as “AndroRat“.

– When you open it for first time, allow the firewall exception for the application.

hack android


– Now click on the Server at top and enter the port which you have opened before.

– Save this and Restart the application. Now your application starts listening to the new port.

– In which you will find the list of connected devices.

– Double click the device you would like to access and you will see the window with full built-in controls.

Note : The target device is listed as long as he is connected to the internet and using deploy application created by AndroRat.



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