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Download the latest Poweramp Free and the user who wants to hack the Poweramp can follow  the Simple step by step procedure. The Poweramp  app is the Music player App in which so many features are included it will be much better and more premium music player than the inbuilt Android Music Player. Which is not quite interesting. Poweramp Music player has custom music enhancement or has the special type of sound equalizer tool inbuilt in the Poweramp.

But using this app for 15 days which is trial after we need to pay for to get this Poweramp free Download the Poweramp for free just by simply click on the Download Button and your free Modded Poweramp Premium Music Player and the user which like to hack Poweramp APK follow the easy steps and get hack the Poweramp.

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What is Poweramp Free

Poweramp Free is the modded Poweramp Full Version Unlocker app which you can also download it from Playstore but to download it from Playstore you need to pay the charge of that particular App company. That is why we will give you the Modd app which is free for download. The Latest features of Poweramp Free are:

  • Supported by the latest version of Poweramp music player.

  • Activate full version without investing money.

  • Unlock all features of music player for free.

  • An update is also supported by this version of unlocker.

  • Its app file so you have to download only one time.

  • Supported by both rooted and unrooted phones.

  • It was quite simple and fast than the Poweramp App.

What’s New in Poweramp Free

  • New translations

  • Updated icons and Welcome screen

Features of Poweramp Free

Main Screen

  • Poweramp main screen has large album art, sensitive to touches/gestures
  • Poweramp will automatically search and download missing album art (if such option is enabled in settings), or it will look in containing folder for appropriate image
  • long press on album art area opens Select Album Art screen
  • There are additional list-switching buttons, which navigate to the previous/next folder/album/artist/playlist, etc.
  • Mini-display area below controls can be pressed/long-pressed to navigate to Now Playing selection

Equalizer and Tone

  • 10 band graphical equalizer
  • PREAMP control
  • Optimized for NEON SIMD (if supported by phone CPU)
  • Works for any supported format and for Bluetooth A2DP headset
  • Separate Tone controls – low pass Bass and high pass Treble
  • 16 presets to start with, custom user-created presets
  • Presets can be assigned either to the specific output (speaker, wired headset, Bluetooth headset), or to songs, or even to whole album/folder/playlist/etc.
  • On HTC devices with SRS/Dolby,/Beats support (depending on device)

Folders and System Library

  • Poweramp can play songs from pre-selected Folders or from own Library
  • choose any number of 1st level (root) folders from SD card or internal memory (where available)
  • Poweramp internal folder scanner scans about 1000 songs in one second (depends on device and SD card speeds) – songs in Folders view are available for playing almost immediately after card mounting
  • Folders list can show either plain list of folders with music or folders hierarchy – select the mode which suits your best via menu => List Opts
  • Poweramp shows CUE files as virtual folders with multiple track entries in Folders list

Widgets and Lock Screen

  • Poweramp comes with 4×1, 2×2, 4×2, and 4×4+ configurable widgets
  • Lock Screen support is also provided
  • There is a number of options available for Lock Screen fine-tuning
  • If you moved Poweramp to sd card, you can download/install free Poweramp Widgets Pack from Google Play which enables widgets for sd card installed Poweramp


  • Poweramp comes with 4 themes: Default, Aluminum, White Plastic, and Black Neon. (More skins are available on Google Play)


  • Poweramp has a number of useful options and settings, allowing the pretty high level of customization
  • Startup Screen selection
  • Themes
  • Various Crossfade/Fade/Gapless options
  • Music Folders selection
  • Various advanced Folder options, like system scanner, disabled or non-Unicode tag encoding selection
  • Sorting for folders/files/system library songs
  • Album art options: animation, download options
  • List item/menu click options
  • Headset
  • Scrobbling
  • Lock Screen customization
  • Advanced Tweaks, like Audio Buffer Size, Audio Focus Change options
  • Various Look and Feel tweaks, like screen orientation, Status Bar options, etc.

App Info of Poweramp Free

  • Current Version : Varies with device

  • Updated : January 8, 2014

  • Requires Android : Varies with device

  • Size : 73k

  • Offered By : Max MP

  • Developer : 17-4 Semashko st. Mytischi, Moscow Region 141014, Russia


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There is 2 Method for getting the hack to Poweramp free for the rooted Android device and unrooted android devices. We are starting first for the Rooted Devices.

What You Need

Note: Your android phone must be ROOTED!
  • If you have not downloaded Poweramp yet, CLICK HERE 
  • Download Poweramp Unlocker, CLICK HERE 
  • Download Lucky Patcher, CLICK HERE 

Step 1: Install all downloaded apps.


Step 2: Open Lucky Patcher, locate Poweramp in the list of apps.


Step 3: Click Poweramp, and then click Open Menu of Patches at the bottom of your screen.


  • Wait for the process bar to complete then click Lunch.
  • And you are done… Check settings and you will see that the License verification has disappeared.


Steps for Unrooted Android devices

  • Step 1: Install Poweramp trial.
  • Step 2: After 15 days of usage, it will ask to buy it. So just uninstall it from your device.
  • Step 3: Now restart your android device.
  • Step 4: After restarting, install the trial version again.
  • Step 5: That’s it. Your Poweramp validity has been extended again for 15 days. So after 15 days again uninstall it and restart your device and install it again. Keep on doing this after every 15 days expiration and it will work forever without any error.

So method 2 is the best option available for the non-rooted android users who cannot avoid Poweramp’s awesomeness like me. Go and Try it.

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